IPHPM 2018


Innovation in Population Health and Personalized Medicine

Biomedical scientists and clinicians have been working hand-in-hand to significantly enhance the well-beings in populations and in patients.  However, there are still plenty of opportunities for further improvement.  In fact, major advancements are made from periodic outburst of outstanding discoveries.  Indeed, the post-genomic era and big data base analysis capability have been opening up major opportunities.

Since the discovery of genomic analysis, scientists and clinicians have been gaining vast amount of in-depth knowledge about mechanisms for development of diseases such as cancer: genetic and environmental interactions, genomic basis and molecular mechanisms, and variations in drug response from one individual to another and from one patient to another who have the same disease, etc.  Therefore, molecular information from genomic analysis and big data based analyses are driving the wide biomedical field for innovative changes in prevention and therapy.  For prevention, a population which has been exposed to toxic substances is no longer considered as a homogenous group of exposed people but as individuals with different levels of susceptibility.  For patients, those who are classified traditionally as having the same disease can be treated with specifically-designed therapeutic protocols which focus onto unique molecular targets.  These are the foundations for developing more precise population health and therapy protocols as well as personalized medicine.

The major goal of the conference is to bring in expert scientists to present state-of-the-art applications towards improvement of population health and personalized medicine.  Therefore, the organizers have carefully selected topics for presentation, as shown in the Program Overview below, which are also intended to stimulate interactions for further advancement in the field  Therefore, the organizers expect that the conference will provide plenty of opportunities for developing stimulating collaborations among international scientists, staff and students, and for enrichment of expertise in this innovative direction.


Conference Secretariat for further information:  Associate Professor Aura Rusu; her email address is: aura.rusu@umftgm.ro